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  Airlines Cargo & Transportation  

The Airline Cargo Shipping Industry benefits from the lessons learned by revenue optimization in the passenger transportation industry. Building on the passenger industry's collective experiences, the Cargo Industry has established the infrastructure to support the implementation of revenue optimization solutions. Cargo carriers now quickly can implement pricing analytics , pricing execution , and revenue optimization products with a level of sophistication that previously took the passenger industry decades to achieve. This fast-paced growth in complexity of the cargo industry pricing realm has required increasing demands on cargo carriers' network and pricing decisions in order to remain competitive. Innovators in the cargo industry are using the UpStream Solutions solution to maximize revenues .

Revenue Optimization Solution

UpStream Solutions Solution provides full network cargo revenue optimization and the dynamic economic evaluation of every shipment at time of booking. The solution supports short-term sales pricing, short-term ad hoc pricing decisions, and medium-term capacity allocation.  System supports management of domestic and international cargo business models, freighter and air carrier belly capacity, containerized and bulk cargo, marine transport, trucking networks, as well as alliance partners and blocked space agreements.

Pricing Analytics

Identifies profitability of shipments by origin, destination, product, route, and customer
Monitors forecasts, allocations and revenue performance
Supports What-If analysis of multiple scenarios after the application of external influences

Pricing Manager

Provides decision support for overbooking and  hurdle rate decisions
Provides user influences to impact final controls

Deal Manager

Provides availability processing
Provides spot pricing guidelines for one-time deals

Revenue Optimization

Optimizes network contribution
Determines optimal overbooking levels
Determines optimal hurdle rate controls

Technical architecture, hardware and software platforms

Software functions:

Air cargo complex software product
Records bill of entry
Records payment details
Generates gate passes
Generates permits for exit of bonded trucks from the air cargo complex
Generates cash / terminal handling / transportation / x-ray / storage / MOT statements
Records shut-out of cargo
Receipt and delivery of cargo
Warehouse and gate pass

Keeps record of cargo arrival date at air cargo complex

Keeps record of cargo departure
Cargo inspection details
Keeps record of cargo departure
Cargo inspection details


Easy to use
Portable on any platform
Fully parameterised
Product can be customised according to customer requirements

Mycone Airlines back-office software

UpStream Solutions provides a range of back-office software solutions including revenue accounting system, ticketing and invoicing office management, crew and flight management, or complete cargo system. All have been designed and implemented by experts in the air transport industry to help airlines improve their operating efficiency and increase their profitability.

Powerful and complete Sales based Passenger Revenue Accounting Systems for Airlines

This system has been developed to respond to all the Airline Revenue Accounting features. It can be easily integrated in most of the IT architectures. This software was developed by airline professionals for other airline professionals.

Main features & benefits

- Provides you with an extensive set of accounting editions, commercial statistics and dashboards
- Allows a overall display of all the ticket history (sales details, intended travel, uses of each coupon)
- Allows automated data exchanges (BSP, GDS, IATA, IDEC, etc.) and makes it possible to cut manual capture down to a minimum
- Automated proration system included (MPA, special prorate agreements, provisos, etc.)
- Automated tax computation
- Creation of rejection invoices in IATA format
- Edgar is efficient, simple and adaptable
- Edgar improves the productivity and increases the profitability of your company
- Edgar can use the IER ATB reader to capture all the information on the magnetic strip

Powerful Airline Ticketing Office Management and Invoicing Software

Airline Ticketing Office Management and Invoicing Software allows creation, management, payment and printing of invoices for the airline ticketing offices. This powerful software helps you make the invoicing and payment processes to the final customer more reliable by collecting PNR information directly from the CRS host.

Main features & benefits :

- Improved productivity
- Accurate Invoices and Payments
- GDS Host connection
- Centralized invoicing software
- Customer profile database
- Multilingual software

Complete Cargo System.

A System which drives value, increases efficiency and yields productivity for your airline. System has been designed to provide a complete suite of applications that supports your cargo commercial strategies and tactics, building business confidence and boosting competitive advantage.  It offers improved process controls and enhanced work-flow features to ensure timely and accurate results for your management.

Main features & benefits :

-  Transforms the data on the air waybills into a single stream of vital financial and management information.

-  Provides comprehensive revenue accounting information, analysis reporting and statistics through the applications.

-  Allows a comprehensive audit of cargo agency sales reports through direct reporting

-  'What-if' scenarios for the drafting of SPAs and bilateral

-  Stand-alone proration for commercial snapshots

-  Flight manifest and shipment record monitoring

-  Transfer manifest record and CCAs accounting

-  Management of part-shipments, rerouting, changes in mode of payment, undelivered shipments and other adjustments

-  Assessment and payment of GSA commissions and adjustments

-  Provision for interline and trucking sectors

-  Accounting for Cumulative Charges air waybills involving offline sections

-  Delivery charges portfolio

-  GBL management and accounting

-  Mail processing as per the Universal Postal Union and agreements with Postal Administration

System works seamlessly to cover the whole cargo revenue accounting activities allowing its integration with the Passenger System and other likely operational and commercial systems.

Complete flight and crew management System.

System is a complete flight and crew management system for small and medium airlines.

System is also a powerful data gathering, reporting and management system for all airlines' operational aspects.

System has a multilingual interface and an expert system modelizing that adapt the software to each airline unique crew rules sets, policies and culture.

Main functionalities and benefits :

- Flight scheduling
- Crew scheduling
- Crew training and checks management
- Aircraft checks optimisation
- Operations control
- Journey and technical log
- Messaging system, Web, email, SMS, ACARS functionalities
- Passenger bookings, flight revenue estimates, forecast and actual break-even analysis
- Increased profitability


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