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Banking & Financial Services

UpStream Solutions works with banks and financial enterprises across the globe to develop and implement effective IT strategies to help them achieve their business goals.
UpStream Solutions`s experience in banking and finance encompasses design and development of mission critical front office software applications and well as development of essential for running business technology and support of "Change the Bank" initiatives. Competition is fierce in the investment community. Faced with the challenges to optimize business performance, increase market share and shareholder value, as well as mitigate risks financial institutions are turning to technology systems.

Our core competencies include:

. Client Relationship Management systems
. Credit Risk Management systems
. Commodity Trading applications
. Document Management systems
. Distressed products trading applications
. Commercial Real estate lifecycle management & trading

Industry solutions

Our knowledge of Financial Services and Banking acquired through long-standing relationships with world's leading global banks has enabled us to develop industry-specific solutions to optimize your business.

CRM solution for Investment banking

Developed jointly with world's leading financial organization UpStream Solutions's solution cater to the needs of Investment banking better than any other packaged solution. It brings companies:

Single client view. Unites a sales team separated across distances and time zones under one system that offers global relationship managers, senior investment bankers and sales managers a window into client relationships.

Easy data access regardless of geography. Supports the corporate finance and investment banking division in better serving its customers by granting easy access to real-time client and business data regardless of employee location.

Cross-divisional reporting.
Lets senior management analyze marketing activities and improve its strategic position with respect to client accounts.

Comprehensive client knowledge. Provides both quantitative and qualitative client data, and enables management to identify and correctly target the most profitable customers across geographies.

Security. In addition to role based security, a high-performance security model allows authorized users to access specific information. What makes it unique is its ability to customize access rights down to each block of business data and each user role. The system permits sharing of information across the bank's global operations in compliance with internal policies and regulation. This brings unsurpassed flexibility to the expression of authentication rules. Oracle VPD (Virtual Private Database) technology permits efficient authorization that enforces data access based on customizable rules and policies.


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