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EDI Integration Solution

Our standard software, advanced XML, Data Integration Packages and broad ranging EDI applications provide e-Commerce Internet Solutions for business, which enables your company to succeed in this competitive and high tech world. EDI, or Electronic Data Interchange, has been in use within major corporations for decades as a method of improving efficiency in business processes by creating a link between computer systems of different companies and entities.

This "data bridge", which allows disparate systems to communicate, is established by using a combination of data standards, mapping, translation systems, and data communications methods


EDI can be defined as the electronic exchange of business documents in a standard or structured format. In other words, EDI allows for the electronic communication of documents, such as PO 's, Invoices, Ship Notices, etc. with no human intervention required.

UpStream Solutions focuses on EDI and B2B implementations and we have the systems, maps and resources already in place. We are able to utilize our infrastructure and experience to represent our customers in EDI implementation with great effectiveness.

Regardless of whether our customers' B2B requirements are related to traditional EDI or newer B2B technologies (such as XML and internet EDI), UpStream Solutions has the expertise and resources to insure a successful implementation.

EDI Implementations

UpStream Solutions Solutions offers the most comprehensive set of EDI solutions available today. These include Integrated Hosted EDI, EDI Software, EDI activity, complete EDI project implementation reporting, and WebEDI. UpStream Solutions provides excellent follow up and customer support for all of our customers. In addition, UpStream Solutions can provide solutions and recommendations to help you safely and securely migrate your EDI activity away from costly VAN's and to the Internet.

Regardless of whether you choose WebEDI, UpStream Solutions EDI software solutions or Integrated Hosted EDI, UpStream Solutions will manage the EDI implementation and coordinate with you and your trading partners to ensure a successful implementation. Since UpStream Solutions provides a full line of EDI solutions, we can provide you an initial EDI setup and future EDI and B2B solutions as your company needs and technology

requirements change. Let the EDI professionals at UpStream Solutions implement the most reliable and appropriate EDI solution for your company.
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