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Government Sectors

UpStream Solutions Experience in Government Sectors

Environmental Control and Agriculture

UpStream Solutions integrates information, provides functions to move and monitor licensing workflow, and allows critical enforcement tracking for complaints, inspections, investigations, and legal actions connected to agriculture and environmental programs. The Web-based application automates the processes and helps manage the steps to meet the requirements for preventing health risks and providing regulatory protection to producers, businesses, and the consuming public.

Complete automation for environmental control and agriculture programs:

Maximize time in the field with mobile investigations.
UpStream Solutions Software allows inspectors or investigators to assign, reschedule, or cancel inspections from the field and receive last-minute updates or alerts on their mobile device.

Integrate with GIS to resolve issues early on.
Mycone Software links to your agency's GIS database. Automatic alerts inform staff of land-use restrictions so they can respond to applicants and resolve situations early in the process.

Use workflow to determine and follow processes.
Includes inspections or investigations, reviewing certifications, completing the required inspections, and investigating complaints.

Track investigations from inception to hearing.
Conduct investigations as part of your regulatory operations, whether checking on a complaint about or initiating a special investigation against a national warning.

Send alerts and bulletins agency-wide.
Alert messages prompt action by disseminating critical information throughout your agency. Bulletin Board lets you post general information agency-wide or to individuals.

Facilities Management

Monitor key performance indicators .
Using UpStream Solutions Software each individual, including executives, can monitor real-time statistics. All data in the software or external databases can be displayed in quick- and easy-to-read charts, providing the information needed to monitor performance and assist in decision-making.

Manage preventative maintenance schedules .
UpStream Solutions Software allows for an unlimited number of preventative maintenance schedules, with each schedule configured against a single asset or group of assets. For routine repetitive jobs, work order templates can be used to pre-populate standard costs, making the solution easy to use by minimizing data entry.

Track asset inventory and their history through the lifetime of the asset .

Asset history, including maintenance and condition assessment data, is maintained life-to-date in the solution.

Track requests for service from inception to completion .
Leveraging UpStream Solutions Software can track each request for service through to its completion. A service request can be associated to one or many work orders, allowing for the full life cycle and cost of a service request to be captured.

Produce professional reports with graphics and charts .
Reporting and data extraction is made easy in this software. Data can be directly exported to a spreadsheet from anywhere in the solution. UpStream Solutions Report Manager, an out-of-the-box product, provides reporting capabilities. If your agency is leveraging a third-party reporting tool, such as Crystal , Oracle, or MS Reporting Services, UpStream Solutions Automation can seamlessly integrate the report, making it easily accessible by your users.



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