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Healthcare & PharmaCare

UpStream Solutions Experience in Healthcare & PharmaCare

UpStream Solutions helps Healthcare, Pharmacare, Medical Devices and Diagnostics companies bring more accurate diagnostics, targeted medicines and effective clinical care to patients faster and in a cost effective manner. Healthcare Software has been providing clinical solutions for large and small care facilities for over five years. We support the clinical and managerial decisions made by a range of healthcare professionals, delivering process improvements and cost savings to your hospital.

Minimized medical errors, improved tracking, increased reporting safety, and compliance with quality standards have become top priorities for healthcare companies to be able to provide quality care. They have realized the need to consolidate back office systems that provide real-time patient information and automate billing and claims processing activities. UpStream Solutions leverages its business and technology expertise to help healthcare companies succeed in their mission of improving the quality and accessibility of medical care.

After significant development and marketing effort, Healthcare Software delivers software solutions to a growing number of health professionals, both within the hospital and community settings. Development will continue, as the company strives to provide the complete software solution for every activity performed by hospital pharmacy departments in India and overseas. Sights have also been firmly set on the community pharmacy and aged care markets.

Bringing innovative drugs to market and reducing time to market is about saving lives and at the same time staying lean on costs. UpStream Solutions helps you ensure faster flow of data from its capture to regulatory submission through operational excellence. Patient information on-demand and evidence based decision making helps provide improved quality of care. UpStream Solutions creates interoperable applications, which enable mobility of patient records. With UpStream Solutions as partner you can achieve your mission of saving lives while complying with regulatory, data privacy and security requirements.

PharmaCare is a medication management software solution. It documents information relating to the treatment of your patients, allowing you to generate a comprehensive understanding of their capacity to receive and administer medication. PharmaCare can assist in improving your workflow processes and the likelihood of better health outcomes for your patients.

PharmaCare was developed to provide decision support for clinical pharmacists and managerial support for pharmacy managers. The patient profiles that it generates also assists a range of other care providers, including:

  • Doctors
  • Nursing staff
  • Hospital specialists
  • Community care providers

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