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Several Test Engineers work for over 6 years to provide regression-testing services for several commercial release of the various range of products. To ensure that addition of new features have not adversely impacted existing features, test plans are written for each release and automated using customer proprietary tools.
Test execution, automation and maintenance tools used to enhance the regression tests have resulted in increased productivity thereby enhancing the quality of the product by capturing defects early. Verification services have also result in an overall QA cost reduction.
Our Software Quality Management solutions help clients analyze software artifacts and fix flaws throughout the entire development or integration processes, using metrics to improve quality and productivity on current and future projects. UpStream Solutions Data Systems has top-notch people. They have great skills not only in developing the testing, but they also have an art form around using the standard tools that are out there." For more than a decade, our Software Quality Management (SQM) solutions have helped Global companies dramatically increase software security and reliability while boosting productivity and mitigating the business risks of software failure. Simply stated, we improve "speed-to-quality" during the software development and integration processes

Unmatched Expertise Delivers Exceptional Value

Our best-of-breed solutions are delivered by highly skilled professionals with in-depth industry experience. By analyzing software artifacts, fixing flaws throughout development or integration, and improving processes for subsequent projects, UpStream Solutions's specially trained experts deliver value through:

improved product quality;

reduced time-to-market;

faster integration and deployment;

lower application lifetime costs; and

enhanced productivity.

Leading-Edge Research Fuels Technical Excellence

The powerful technologies and strategies behind UpStream Solutions's SQM solutions are the result of the groundbreaking work conducted at UpStream Solutions, our award-winning research facility. UpStream Solutions is the foremost research facility devoted exclusively to software quality.
“Assure the Quality. Improve the Process.”

By combining risk management, software measurement and software process improvement, UpStream Solutions's SQM Solutions help companies drive down the cost of producing quality software. This includes:

increasing software reliability, security and performance;

implementing continual software development processes improvements;

mitigating the business risks inherent in software development, deployment and integration; and

providing a quality-based context for determining application readiness.

Our approach

Whatever the complexity, we always adapt our services so they fit into our client's world. And its this ability to create new tailored service offerings quickly from our standard service elements that allows us to keep adding value to our clients as their business and environment change.

Sometimes we deliver a service as a stand alone service block : a performance test of a new SAP implementation or a UAT training course for business analysts in fixed assets.

More often, we combine our services to build more complex combinations, such as an outsourced testing service for a large change programme or a testing transformation service across an organisation.

Programme Testing

On many programmes and large projects, testing will take up a significant portion of the budget. But it will receive less management attention than an activity of this size warrants. At UpStream Solutions, we help programme and project managers define what they want to achieve from testing, deliver the testing benefits and maximize the return on the resources used.

And testing is not just about reducing risk - it is also about increasing control. By aligning the testing objectives with the business objectives and by increasing the effectiveness of testing both can be delivered.

For example

Including testing expertise in the contractual definitions for the system or service and the acceptance processes can significantly reduce the delivery risks
Providing objective and accurate information on risks, issues and milestones throughout the project lifecycle can significantly increase control.

And this clarity enables managers to make informed and timely choices as the project proceeds. Effective testing services improve the outcome and the journey to create it.

Performance Testing Services

Performance problems in operational IT systems and software applications are costly both in terms of business disruption and remedial work. These issues tend to go undetected prior to launch because of the difficulty of conducting realistic performance testing.

We have created our Performance Testing Service to address this problem before you launch. Through the use of proven, advanced techniques, a structured testing approach and appropriate performance testing tools, we will reduce the risks of performance failure for new or enhanced applications.

Our performance testing service elements include:

Load and stress testing
Scalability and volume testing
Endurance and soak testing
Performance testing tool evaluation
Performance monitoring and tuning

Software Testing Automation

Industry analysts predict that during the second half of this decade, increases in software testing activity will be fuelled by software testing automation. Automated testing tools have matured and ROI to a state where ROI (return on investment) need no longer be a pipe dream.

This will allow more people to be engaged in software test automation with better testing tools. Yet there are still far too many programmes where automation is not delivering on this promise. The main drivers seem to be inflated expectations created by unrealistic ROI in business cases; poor planning and management; and poor skills in implementing the automated testing solution.

It is important to consider automation of the test environment as early as possible and design it into the system from the outset. It's also important to recognise that automation is not appropriate for every project or for all testing on any particular project.

We can help you achieve this balance so that the benefit from test automation at the right time and in the right way.

When designing for automation, some of the pitfalls to avoid are:

Don't be dogmatic and automate everything. You need to be selective and concentrate on common and repetitive tasks
Make sure the ROI is realistic. The costs can be high in the short term and initially outweigh the benefits. It is key that credible payback on investment is calculated.
Make sure that the staff have suitable levels of skill and experience. If you're using some types of automated tool this can reduce the required skill level across all the testing teams.
Create modular test scripts and data driven testing to improve the parameterisation of the solution.

Usability Testing

Our usability testing services will help you design your products and services with your customers at the forefront of your mind.

We identify how people interact with your product or service, including:

What they find difficult or easy to use
How long tasks take and how accurately they are completed
How users feel about the tasks they completed
How much users can recall about the product

To support this form of testing we use test labs, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) on websites, interactive television, wireless and mobile devices providing expertise at all stages throughout the development lifecycle. By making the product more efficient to use, your customers or users will take less time to accomplish a particular task, and find it easier to learn and satisfying to use. Often the way that users actually interact with the product identifies defects that have remained undetected.

Network Infrastructure Testing

As important as understanding if an application performs as expected is understanding if the network infrastructure performs as expected. To meet this need we have developed dedicated network testing services.

These services are aimed at determining how well the network and infrastructure will cope with change. Our testing services are tailored for different scenarios, such as:

Introducing new applications or new services
Increasing the existing user population or transaction throughput
Iroubleshooting by locating and resolving problems with the network or infrastructure
Rationalising the existing infrastructure

We also provide services aimed at addressing problems identified by the testing. These include: improving network performance monitoring and tuning and enhancement, infrastructure design and management and server based computing implementation.

Security Testing

Our security testing services include:

Penetration testing - to provide you with an independent assessment of how well your systems stand up to a concerted attack. We offer both white hat and black hat testing, and internal and external pen tests.
ISO compliance audit - this replaces the old reviews. It's a popular service with organisations that wish to raise their standards and to identify any shortfalls; and with companies that require a compliance statement for investors, customers or partners
Security audit - this covers hardware and software security
Threat assessment
Risk analysis

In partnership with specialist security companies, we also offer a range of security services to help you address issues that arise from security tests. These services include:

Developing security policies and security procedures
Independent advice on security tools, services and applications
Forensic services
Designing and implementing a secure architecture
Wireless network security

Migration Testing

If you've ever migrated to new software applications or converted from one IT platforms or infrastructures to another you'll be aware of the risks in this activity. Fear of these risks results in many businesses remaining with legacy systems, unable to take advantage of the rapid advances in technology and IT products and systems.

For those organisations that do migrate their IT solutions or business data there is a balance to be struck between the time and cost it takes to move and the risks involved. Since most companies aren't constantly migrating applications and infrastructures they are usually short of staff with the necessary skills and experience.

We have developed our migration testing services to meet this need. This approach has been proven to work in different business environments and is independent of technology or application type. One of the key elements of a successful data migration is the conversion of the business data into the required format. This data is often extremely valuable and needs to be treated accordingly. It is also often incomplete, inconsistent or inaccurate so data clean-up is a key element of data migration. Our risk based approach ensures that the critical data conversion is prioritised by the impact and likelihood of failure.

Website Testing and other Test Lab Services

Many applications need to be tested to ensure they behave as expected when run over a plethora of different technologies, different media and different end user terminals and environments. This requires a well provisioned test lab staffed with experts in hardware and software configuration who understand how to test quickly and effectively

Acutest offers a host of lab testing services including:

Compatibility testing
Interoperability testing
Accessibility testing
Website testing
Localisation testing
Email testing
CD testing
Compliance testing
Portability testing
Conversion testing

Testing Improvement

Our testing transformation services enable you to maximise the value you derive from testing. As with all our services it's designed for test reduction: reducing the time spent testing, the cost of testing and the risks to going live.

Identifying and mandating good practice is not enough, You also need to tackle why programmes and projects fail in testing services, why test process improvement is inadequate on its own, and how you can overcome the pejorative view people often have of testing which itself can stifle progress.

Our approach enables you to achieve dramatic and lasting improvements in all four elements of our test transformation framework. The improvement is dependent only upon your ambition and extent of change you'll endorse.

Our experts, technology and in-depth industry experience allow us to analyze software artifacts and fix flaws throughout the entire software lifecycle. Relevant findings are then applied to improve quality and productivity on current and future projects. Among the benefits to clients: reduced late-lifecycle testing costs, identification of cost take-out opportunities, and increased confidence that release schedules and quality goals will be met. UpStream Solutions SQM Solutions are aligned under the following areas:

Assurance: Driven by software-induced business risk analysis and software-related metrics, these solutions ensure overall quality, security, reliability and application readiness.

Process Improvement: UpStream Solutions offers enterprise-level software development process improvement programs that leverage SQM while increasing productivity on current and future projects.

UpStream Solutions Assurance Solutions

The true measure of "quality" for software is an application's ability to effectively support business goals and operations. In today's computer-oriented business environment-with business continuity a top priority-software must work. Unfortunately, application-release decisions are often based solely on budget and schedule concerns, with no regard to quality. This approach is no longer sufficient and actually creates additional software-induced business risks. UpStream Solutions Assurance Solutions balance traditional budget-and-schedule concerns with the need to achieve business-appropriate levels of software security, reliability and performance by focusing on risk analysis and software-related metrics. This ensures overall quality within established budgets and schedules. Ultimately, if software is not designed to be secure, it is vulnerable to malicious attack from both outside and within your organization. UpStream Solutions Software Security Solutions are based on a proactive approach to software security, ensuring that software is built to be secure from the ground up. One popular myth about software security is that it can be simply "bolted-on" to an existing application by beefing up the perimeter. This approach, however, leaves applications vulnerable to infrastructure software failures and insider attacks. Starting with an understanding of business objectives and security requirements, UpStream Solutions Assurance Solutions ensure that security and reliability are designed into the software and thoroughly tested and measured throughout the development lifecycle. This not only decreases the risk of applications being compromised after a perimeter security breach but also ensures protection against infrastructure failures and insider attacks.


Quality Assurance: Helps clients deliver quality software on time and on budget.

Security Assurance: Helps clients assure that software does not have security vulnerabilities

Secure Software Best Practices: Helps clients improve information security from the inside-out, rather than relying solely on perimeter defenses (e.g., firewalls and other network security mechanisms) to protect vital software applications.
Outsource Assurance: Helps clients assure the quality and security of outsourced/offshore software.
Packaged Software Validation: Helps clients ensure the successful integration of third-party software (i.e., "COTS") applications.
Regulatory Compliance: Helps clients ensure compliance with regulatory mandates (e.g., Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley) through software audits.

UpStream Solutions Software Process Improvement Solutions

In order to live up to their implied promise, effective software process improvement programs must combine the rigor of enterprise-level SQM with the disciplines of decreasing development costs and time-to-market. UpStream Solutions provides a variety of Software Process Improvement Solutions that make this promise attainable within the everyday world of deadlines, budget cuts and constantly changing requirements. UpStream Solutions's measurement-based approach allows for the identification and removal of inefficiencies and rework from software development processes while maintaining or increasing business-appropriate levels of software quality. By auditing clients' processes against industry standards (e.g., CMM, ISO) and best practices (e.g., RUP, XP), UpStream Solutions helps clients understand and improve the ways in which their standards and practices contribute to the goals of increased quality and productivity and decreased costs. UpStream Solutions Software Process Improvement Solutions allow companies to go beyond simply collecting project-management data to leveraging decision-support systems based on software quality data.


Process Improvement Program: Compares a client's software development processes to industry best practices to develop a risk-driven, product-sensitive process improvement vision and plan.
Process Assessment: Provides comprehensive assessments of a client's core organizational processes (e.g., management, development, maintenance and support) to identify capabilities, risks and areas for improvement.
Metrics and Measurement Program: Establishes a core of vital metrics as the basis for assessing quality, performance and predictability throughout a client's software development organization.
Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) Program: Allows a client to self-assess and self-improve quality software development operational processes.
Knowledge Growth: Helps a client establish a well-defined "living" knowledge transfer and mentoring program.
Standards Benchmarking and Compliance: Helps a client benchmark and improve its compliance with business-, industry- and government-mandated standards.

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