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Business Solutions

UpStream Solutions is Uniquely Qualified to access, consult and implement Enterprise Level Business Solutions for industries such as:

  Assessment & Implementation Services  
Implementation of a corporate information system is a complex undertaking. To assure the success and ultimate client  satisfaction with the information system implementation, UpStream Solutions Consulting has developed a process exclusively suited for this purpose. The major steps of the process are:

Project Management
Needs Analysis
Program Specifications
Custom Software Development and Modifications
Installation of Software
Transfer of Information
Smooth Transition

Support and Technical Assistance
This process ensures the successful implementation of the system as the clients needs and expectations are documented at the start of the project. With the needs and expectations of the clients documented, these are then used as the blueprint for the implementation of the system, and will be used to gauge the progress of the implementation.

An implementation of a new system entails a considerable investment of effort, time, and money. The process developed by UpStream Solutions Consulting guarantee that the implementation will be a success and that the system chosen will be suitable for the clients present and future needs.

Additionally, we have created an extremely powerful management and quality-assurance tool for this purpose with over 300 pages of project implementation worksheets, procedures, and materials to ensure that the transition to your new accounting system is painless and organized as ever. We have provided this tool and training to over 300 other VARs worldwide.

System Customization
UpStream Solutions's consultants are experts in defining the custom business processes of their clients, and customizing the accounting software to meet these processes. This high level of integration allows the customer to retain its processes instead of having to change them to suit the software.

Implementation Recovery
Our staff consists of highly educated consultants in the area of Accounting, Finance, and management Information services. These areas of expertise allows us to overcome any obstacles that may have led to failure in prior implementation attempts.

Database Consulting, Development and Management
UpStream Solutions's consultants' experience spans the full history of databases from flat files to full relational database engines. This experience allows UpStream Solutions to handle data modeling, implementation, and tuning of most of the major databases such as Oracle, Informix and SQL Server as well as some of the smaller databases such as Access. UpStream Solutions can help an organization that is starting from scratch with a full implementation or it can help companies that already have a system but either need to modify, tune or maintain their database systems.

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