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UpStream Solutions Experience in Insurance

Individual Life and Health Administration System is designed to meet the current and future administration requirements found in most traditional and non-traditional life and health insurance companies.

Individual Life and Health Administration is a health insurance and life insurance software administration solution that supports a broad range of Life Insurance & Health Insurance products. Fully, integrated support for underwriting, new business processing, insurance policy services, insurance billing, agent advances and agent commissions, insurance claims processing, insurance management and statutory reporting, reserves and accounting.

Our individual life and health insurance software provides support for a wide variety of life and health insurance products, including Whole and Term Life, Interest Sensitive Products, Annuities, Major Medical, Supplemental Health, Disability, Long Term Care, and Medicare Supplement.

UpStream Solutions can help you sharpen your competitive edge. Our services and solutions can help to transform your business performance through strategic focus on process enhancement and better leverage of IT. We offer deep technical expertise, combined with domain knowledge and project management capability.

Group Health Administration System, is designed to meet the administrative requirements found in most group health providers, including third party administrators and self-insured companies who choose to administer their own group health programs.

Our group health insurance software supports a wide variety of insurance products, including traditional indemnity plans, point of service plans, dental, vision, group life, disability and prescription drugs. Our Software is designed to support the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) requirements of the Health Insurance Accountability.

Group Health Administration System offers real-time processing features for third party administrators and others to help better serve your clients and business partners and aid internal operations.

Large insurers spend almost 8 % of their total operations expense on processing claims. Though most companies have taken steps to prevent claims administration from becoming a disproportionately large cost center in policy administration, few have realized substantial returns on that investment. This is mainly for want of a comprehensive view of the claims function, one that is aligned with industry imperatives and delivers efficiency/ agility.

Our workers compensation software offers on-line, real time processing and includes the basic functions required by today's workers' compensation insurance provider; with features to help better serve employer participants and their injured employees, and aid internal operations.

UpStream Solutions Claims Excellence - Life and Health solution fills in this gap, by taking a comprehensive, industry-aligned and efficiency-focused approach. Built using UpStream Solutions vast experience in assisting client claims functions, the solution spans the entire lifecycle of a claim from notification to processing to payment. Most importantly, it is a holistic solution that does not predicate reinventing the wheel - any combination of its major components can be implemented in order to fill a critical need, and this decision can be made in a very short period of time.

The Claims excellence - Life and Health solution uses a combination of workflow automation, electronic content management, system integration and information channel management to transform claims processing. The solution can be extensively customized through its use of different components, that span the claims process with "modules" that can be implemented as appropriate. The solution effectively consolidates multiple applications and uses the right technology to gear the claims process for the future. The solution makes your claims organization flexible and enables faster and cheaper claims processing.

Benefits of Insurance Software

  • Enables you to do more with less - the solution ensures cost effectiveness by streamlining business processes, improved allocation of specialist resources and lower support costs.
  • Faster processing - the solution ensures that different entities like the customer, agent, branch staff, claims department, contact centers and third party service providers work as a cohesive unit.
  • Reduces cycle time and associated claim processing costs (including interest before settlement costs).
  • Improves compliance transparency and audit-ability of process with improved work processing tools - a one-stop window for all your system needs.
  • Fundamental shift from paper-driven manual processes to online paperless processes. Offers "anywhere-anytime" case information access.
  • Reduces enterprise technology and support costs by developing reusable architecture components and homogenizing technology.

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