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Your company's network performance is essential. Your data, your applications, and your customer's information all need to be secure and within reach of you and your staff. UpStream Solutions is a certified partner with some of the highest rated network and database providers in the industry. Microsoft servers are the fastest way to integrate, manage, and Web-enable your enterprise. Discover how UpStream Solutions's comprehensive range of solutions can help you build an integrated and flexible infrastructure.

UpStream Solutions is committed to a new method of networking; Thin/Client Server based computing. This network environment is independent of client hardware or software platforms. This system re-centralizes control and eliminates virtually all maintenance needs. Our Network solutions can be completely integrated with the global Internet, positioning your company to reap the benefits of the world's most powerful communication system. Using client server technology, our networks deliver all desktop, mainframe and multi-media applications reliably to any PC, Macintosh, UNIX terminal, NC (network computer) or web browser connected to the LAN or Internet. Utilizing this technological concept, we will save your company money on administration, hardware and ownership costs while providing the most powerful-networked environment currently available today.

UpStream Solutions Network Services : EDI VAN Company

UpStream Solutions provides companies with reliable EDI communications connectivity to trading partners through our extensive network, using the latest middlewar technology Solutions including ANSIx12 Software and other integration applications. UpStream Solutions' Value Added Network (VAN) service provides multiple ways of linking electronically to your trading parteners. This includes full coverage of the multiple communications protocols and methods of securely communicating sensitive EDI data. These communications methods include: FTP, SFTP, FTP SSL, POP/SMTP, HTTP, HTTPS, AS1, AS2, and AS3.

Our network is constantly monitored and managed insuring unsurpassed reliability. In addition, the infrastructure is mirrored and data is replicated real time to provide full, real time redundancy throughout the data communications process.

As a customer of UpStream Solutions Network Services, you will have the ability to monitor and manage your EDI messaging processed through our set of Network web tools. This includes the ability to run reports on activity, request new trading partner relationships and make other requests.

All of these reliable VAN services are provided at a very reasonable and simple cost structure. No need for committing to a predetermined amount of usage or getting locked into long-term contracts. You will have just one simple monthly pricing structure that will vary as your actual EDI usage (and business cycle) varies. Affordable, well monitored, and extremely reliable...UpStream Solutions provides the next generation of EDI communications. Contact us Contact@UpStream

Network Solutions

Computer networks having shrunk physical distances and with the internet reducing the world to a global village, establishing efficient networks is number one on the priority list for every organisation.

Although there exist lots of software tools and utilities for right-sizing networks, choosing such tools and implementing them optimally requires expertise and by itself, is knowledge-driven. This is where UpStream Solutions's vast experience in the field of Networking solutions is of immense value to customers.

UpStream Solutions broadly classifies its services in this area as Networking and Network Management solutions, and has dedicated teams for each.

The Networking team comprises professionals with extensive work experience in TCP/IP socket programming, SNA and client-server architectures.

Network Management team members have in-depth understanding of the network management concepts, and have customised management solutions using SNMP, RMON and CMIS protocols. Expertise is also available in HP OpenView, Netview 6000 and user interface systems like X-Windows, MOTIF and UIM/X.

This group has overall proficiency in areas like Unix/C, MFC, BC++, VC++. Visual Basic, Macro Assembler and databases like Oracle and Ingress, which are applicable across all development activities. UpStream Solutions has over 500 person-years of experience in the Networking area, some of the large projects executed being:

Comprehensive network management system,

A middle-ware product with multi-tier architecture

Network Management and Delivery Platform

Network Management Soluti6hs

Element Manager for a leading NW Peripheral Manufacturer.

UpStream Solutions can offer Networking services like Network Planning, Design of Networks, Management, control and operations, Performance optimization, Backup & disaster recovery planning and Network Audit.

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