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Enterprise Business Applications

UpStream Solutions develops and deploys Enterprise Business Applications, B2B and B2C solutions over the internet and/or intranet, desktop applications, and business intelligence solutions for private and public corporations as well as government institutions.

We integrate existing client operations and systems with new technologies and applications, ultimately providing our clients with a single entry solution.

Offering maintenance, support, and continued enhancement services helps keep our clients' systems inline with their frequently changing business needs. While our delivery process and operations model ensures the best service quality and cost advantage to our client's.

Software Development

Our team of developers is responsible for designing, developing and deploying projects, which create value for our customers by improving and integrating business processes.

In executing these projects we use the most appropriate technology suited for the objective as our technological intelligence covers the entire range of available and current technologies including: .Net, J2EE, AS/400, which function on most operating systems such as; Windows, Unix, and Linux. We have expertise in the standard databases including: Oracle, DB2 and DB2/400.

UpStream Solutions assures to complement the project, technology, and process in order to deliver the best quality solution for our client's.

Ultimately, our customers achieve reduced operating costs and increased efficiencies and productivity.


Application Integration

We integrate existing applications and databases with new systems and technologies using standard interfaces or by developing customized integration solutions.

Our Application Integration Services are geared to help organizations to maintain the flow of information and communication throughout their organization regardless of existing technologies found in their business process and environment.

Our experience with Message Oriented Middleware, ORBs, Transaction Processing Monitors and Technologies such as: XML, Webservices, and Data-warehousing allow UpStream Solutions to fabricate the most efficient integration mechanism possible for our client's.

Maintenance and Support Services

Azure Pro offers maintenance, support and continued enhancement services to all of our clients. These services are necessary in order to maximize the utilization of critical applications. It is also required to keep the application in tune with continuously evolving business trends and technology.

We offer 24-hour phone and real-time remote access support for program repairs and maintenance. We also provide onsite support if required.

Our service are designed to help you:

Adapt to frequently changing business needs
Ensure your applications are tuned to maximum performance
Continuously optimize the system for increased efficiency

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