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Software Development

UpStream Solutions fully appreciates customer concerns on Project Execution, Project Management, Quality Control and Knowledge Transfer, and therefore has a primary contact at client site. The on-site coordinator is the single window contact for all activities ranging from preliminary study, preparation / generation of proposal, contract using formal techniques for estimation, quality assurance reviews to ensure low risk and clarity of scope, baselines, and responsibilities. Offshore project planning, project organization, and project control activities are shared with the client in formal review meetings and discussions. UpStream Solutions's quality control system uses extensive testing of functionality, user interface requirements, and independent verification and validation techniques. UpStream Solutions 's in-house, dedicated communication facilities, which include satellite links, facilitate quick address of issues raised by the client and/or on-site coordinator. UpStream Solutions positively addresses client concerns such as risk mitigation strategy and protection of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). The management of offshore risk on factors such as Distance, Quality and Work Progress are addressed by our Project Management procedures. Communication links make project location transparent to the client. Quality plans & records, shared with the client, and the detailed project plan specifying progress reports and review points, contribute to the risk management process.  

Software Development and Maintenance

UpStream Solutions's technical competence and resource strength, development of packaged products is only a logical extension to providing turnkey project services. UpStream Solutions has already established itself as a reliable product maker UpStream Solutions focuses on delivering services across every stage of outsourced software product development-from research and prototyping to support and maintenance. UpStream Solutions have created an internal process framework called UpStream Solutions Standard Software Process, which is modelled on the Rational Unified Process. With UpStream Solutions Standard Software Process, we make accurate deliveries, on time, each time. It also ensures we unfailingly maintain and enhance the quality of our technological solutions. The business of software products has its own unique challenges. The industry is extremely competitive and the time-to-market cycles for products are very short. Companies have to be very customer-focused and keep a close watch on changing customer preferences and industry trends. Internally, there is a constant need to have relevant and specialized skills, and pressures to keep costs within acceptable limits. Moreover, companies often have multiple product lines to manage. At UpStream Solutions, we have the skills and experience in the area of Product Development and Maintenance, and have service offerings, which are targeted at the entire product development life cycle. UpStream Solutions has worked with numerous product companies in the past, and helped them deliver quality and cost-effective products. While co-sourcing product development and maintenance, companies operate within their budgets and also dedicate more effort to their core activities - such as understanding the needs of their product users, and coming up with new product ideas to remain competitive.

Product Development: UpStream Solutions's product development methodologies are supported by a stringent quality framework. Highly usable interfaces and constantly changing requirements necessitate an iterative methodology. UpStream Solutions teams work on multiple technologies and have extensive experience in product development and associated processes such as configuration management, release management, change management, etc.

Product Maintenance: UpStream Solutions has extensive experience in providing maintenance services for products. These include enhancements, incremental releases and second and third level technical support helpdesks for resolving issues encountered by users. A robust defect tracking and resolution process and a specialized testing team support these services. Once the deployment stage is realized, we move to the next level and offer leading-edge maintenance services.

UpStream Solutions's Offerings include:

Offshore product maintenance that includes code and documentation deliverables

Handling change requests through efficient interaction with multi-site, multi-location teams

Full ownership of the code for large 'live' systems. Our test teams carry out pre-build,
post-build and regression verification, thus enabling the client to have no development

Long-term maintenance engagements that span more than four years.

Defect tracking and configuration management.

Product Value-adds: UpStream Solutions has capabilities that provide value through specific or niche skills which are required for the software product development process. Professional Services: UpStream Solutions partners with Independent Software Vendors to provide professional services for implementation, integration and custom development of the products.

Product Support: Product support involves addressing user tickets through a technical support helpdesk and providing bug fixes to ensure constant availability and performance of the product for end users UpStream Solutions maintains a software business team that delivers high quality customized contact center applications, product development, and maintenance services to our clients. UpStream Solutions is in the progress of acquiring quality certificates to validate its already commercially proven development expertise. The result is a world class team able to execute in a virtual 24-hour environment that shortens the development cycle and time to market. Software Products Developed are:

CRM Solutions and Provisioning

Business Intelligence Solutions

VOIP Telephony Solutions

HR and Training Solutions

Helpdesk Solutions

QA Solutions

Network Applications Services Management and Maintenance

Database and Directory Assistance Management Services

Proprietary Software Development Across Microsoft Windows, Java and Open Source Platforms and Technologies

Software Development Areas

UpStream Solutions
Software Development Division has experience of executing projects for companies in the following Areas:

Finance & Banking


Retail & Distribution



Energy & Utilities

Airlines, Cargo & Transportation

UpStream Solutions Skill Matrix Evidently the greatest strength of UpStream Solutions lies in its ability to provide services and skilled resources in a wide variety of platforms and application areas. UpStream Solutions possesses experienced professionals in the following skill areas:

Web Technologies:

HTML / DHTML , XML (Javascript), VB Script Active Server Pages(ASP), Servlets, Java Server Pages(JSP), CGI/PerI COM/DCOM, CORBA, Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) Microsoft IE , Netscape Enterprise, IBM Websphere, BEA Weblogic, Microsoft Transaction Server and Message Queuing

Client-server Technologies:

Unix, C, C++ , VC++ Oracle, SQL-Server Visual Basic , D2K SQL -Windows

Telecom & Networking:

Voice Switching. Computer Telephony Integration, Call Centres, Billing Applications, Backbone Switching, Broadband Access, Optical Backbone,
Telecom Management, Network Protocols, Network Management, Network Framework

Development Services Available

Process Analysis  
Data Modeling  
Database Implementation  

Management Services Available

Database Maintenance  
Database Tuning  

Supported Databases

Microsoft SQL Server  
Visual FoxPro  
ODBC Databases  
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