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Solutions for the telecom sector are proof of UpStream Solutions 's ability to understand and develop software for areas of constantly emerging technology like Voice Switching, Data Switching, Voice and Data networks as well as Multimedia Wide Area Networks,

Yet another of UpStream Solutions 's competence areas, Telecom solutions is also handled by a core group of professionals. The Telecom team's expertise areas are Key telephone systems, ISDN, ATM and Multimedia exchanges. A special team works on Multimedia exchanges for development of the key features on state-of-the-art technologies including the ATM standards.

With its wide capability in development and project management, this group has been able to offer a dedicated offshore development center at Bangalore , India , with projects being handled on wired and wireless systems on a sustained basis, for over 5 years.

UpStream Solutions has over 300 person-years of experience in Telecom solutions, some of the major projects being:

Transit Exchange facility for exchanges handling High and Low-speed Voice and Data channels.

Voice Recognition and Interactive Response Systems

ATM Interface Development

Roaming feature over ISDN for PHS

The Services offered by the Telecom group are:


ATM Interface and Management.

Frame Relay.

Remote Support for Switches.

Product Development on Technology areas.


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