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Thin Client Solutions

UpStream Solutions providing consulting expertise and implementing systems for almost a decade in all environments spanning from as little as 5 users to as much as 5,000 users.

Among the most important benefits, Thin/Client solutions deliver ROI and cost reduction. In today's economic downturn, organizations are looking for rapid returns from their technology implementations, as well as solutions that can lower the cost of computing. Many companies that seek the efficiencies of centralized application management and deployment have adopted Thin/Client technology software and services.

Analyze the Economic Impact.
Application Computing Environment is a Web-based tool developed specifically to analyze the economic impact of solutions on an organization's application computing environment.

This powerful yet easy to use tool compares a solution composed of all or some of products to both managed and unmanaged PC desktop environments. The tool provides insight into the comparative cost structures of these two computing approaches:

Desktop computing model using managed and unmanaged PCs
Server-based computing using the Application serving model

Given the priority on lowering cost and optimizing available IT budget dollars, it has never been more important to carry out careful research. The goal of the Application Computing Environment Cost Analyzer is to assist you, the user, in analyzing a plethora of cost factors so that you are able to make an intelligent purchase decision.

The tool has a flexible architecture that allows the users to enter in their own unique inputs wherever necessary. As you will soon discover, this results in a detailed array of professional looking reports that reflect the unique reality of your organization. Included in the report section are numerous cost breakdown tables and charts that you can reference while evaluating whether or not to go forward with a application serving solution.

Benefits of Partnering with UpStream Solutions

Improved Time-to-Market - UpStream Solutions methodology is the fastest proven path to quality implementations of Thin / Client solutions in complex environments.

On-site Solutions - When you team with UpStream Solutions you have access to certified engineers working on site directly with your team.

Certified Professionals - Our certified professionals have in-depth product knowledge and extensive consulting experience to implement the best solutions for your business.

Minimized TCO - Our consultants have extensive experience integrating Accounting systems, inventory and manufacturing tracking systems, and custom applications allowing you to maximize the value of your Thin / Client environment.

Expanded Support - UpStream Solutions can serve as a liaison to Citrix and Microsoft Tech Support and provide you with access directly into these organizations.
Service Offerings - As a specialized consulting firm, UpStream Solutions shares in the responsibility for the success of your projects. We offer a variety of services that span the project lifecycle. Our team can assist your staff and guide them through the trouble spots while transferring all knowledge to your staff required maintaining and managing this new environment. UpStream Solutions can also be contracted to deploy a complete solution including hardware and software acquisition and full deployment and training.


Infrastructure Assessment
Review of Technical Environment
Network Architecture
Operating System Environment

Proof of Concept

Verify Key Assumptions
Server Based Computing\Portal Feasibility
Application Scalability

Portal Planning

Portal Requirements
Conceptual Design
Architectural Recommendations


Server Based Computing Architectural Design
Application\System Integration

Portal Design

NFuse® Integration
Physical\Logical Architecture
Application Integration
Content Delivery Agents
Component Configuration

Build and Test

Server Based Computing Environment
NFuse® Integration
Portal Installation
Portal Customization
Application Integration
Infrastructure Integration
Automation Scripting
Server Build Process
Application Installation\Publishing
Login Scripts
Policies and Profiles

System\Scalability Testing


Pilot Implementation
Production Rollout
Environment Deployment
Rollout Support
Track and Manage Issues
Knowledge Transfer

Project Management

Issue\Risk Management
Quality Assurance
Status Updates\Checkpoints
Timeline\Budget\Scope Management
Communications Planning
Training Planning


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